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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A friend of mine recently invited me to a panel discussion regarding the alcohol levy imposed by the government in a bid to stump out the abuse of alcohol in the country. As i was sitting there listening to the intellectuals and capitalists debate the issue at length i was hit by an idea....a very good idea. As i recently started clubbing and what not i have realised the amount of money Batswana especially in the city spend in the name of fun so i believe its high time Botswana set itself apart from all other 3rd world countries and did something thats bound to attract a lot of investment, a lot of tourism and of course pull out a perfect 'Economic Diversification Stunt' that has been illuding them for 44 years already.
What if we built an Entertainment Capital of Africa-a Las Vegas of sots right in our semi-arid country. a place people flock to to have fun and leave with almost no regrets. A place with state of the art resorts and five star hotels. A place that will be identified with botswana, as much as we would like to deny it the idea of a 'SIN CITY' right here in our back yard is mouth watering. Controlled gambling, prostitution and strip clubs. Sex earns a lot of big monies and when push comes to shove i know they are a lot of perveted men out there willing to get on a plane to lay with our women. Yes smirk and play the morality card on me and see if i care......tonnes of successful cities have been built from the weakness of men-Women, alcohol and gambling. Imagine a rich billionnaire in upper east side manhattan hearing of a place like that...where clubs operate almost 24hrs.
It might not always be about the immorally wrong side of making money but we could build state of the art arenas and theaters where we could witness magic happening nightly, get to invite all the good artists we have been craving for in our country. imagine Il Divo, Michael Buble, Lionel Richie and Jay Z perfoming in a theater resembling Caesar's Palace. The home of all known conventions and a place that has a reputation of providing the most mouth-watering cuisine sourced from all over the continent and abroad. The Las Vegas dream, i assure you if at all a place like Las Vegas can be duplicated here in little known Botswana we would experience an influx of visitors we would have to regulate their movement into our country. You will think i am pulling your leg but take a minute and reflect on it and you will see i speak the truth....the most visited places in this planet are the most fun, popular or immorally twisted...enter Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Hawaii etc...Just Saying..LPN117

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