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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Its BIG, Its big in Britain and Europe. Its equally big in the dark continent and i am guessing all around the world. The footballing world has been shocked to its very core and the results of the explosion are bound to leave a few parties concerned crippled. It all started as a baseless rumour in a few english newspapers and by Tuesday evening a solemn Sir Alex Ferguson was giving his side of the story, the worst was confirmed and the details did not look at all pretty for the one time ugliest player in the world winner. He was portrayed as being ungrateful and a downright a**hole. http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2010/10/19/2173081/sir-alex-ferguson-on-wayne-rooney-the-statement-in-full. He responded in kind not more than 24hrs later crying foul, and confirming what we already knew.http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_6456970,00.html. So now the fans of Manchester United, The English and the rest of the footballing world are left to choose sides....In tonight's Champions league game the fans are said to have been supportive of the coach but of course the main character in this enthralling tale of betrayal, deceit and greed was absent. it remains to be seen whether the soon to be Old Trafford hero will play another game in a United shirt? i highly doubt it would happen and if it so does it will not end pretty.
What was clear after both parties presented their case was that they both sitting on the real reason why wonder boy is set to leave The Theater of Dreams. The staments were straight from the first page of the PR book...organised, polite and shying away from shouldering the blame. Big signings my a**, Manchester United has dominated the English Premier League with this kind of players for years....i think the boy has been slapped with such a heavy paycheck than it is squashing both his loyalty and dignity(or whatever is left of it after his off-field indecencies). There are only four teams big and loaded enough to have him and his representitives spilling ink in haste and it will be quite interesting watching the race unfold infront of our eyes. I put my money on Sheikh Monsour and his loose pocket...provided Rooney's agent is as greedy as they say he is it should be an easy decision for the English international. The second and likelliest destination is the Santiago Bernabau, where on paper it would be mouth watering and with regards to the history books a disaster waiting to happen-enter Michael Owen, Jonathan Woodgate and Mark Hughes. Rooney to Barca? Too far fetched.

On other news worth mentioning, This weekend the city of Manchester will play host to The Gunners of London and it is expected to be a breathtaking affair...A Manchester City side that easily out-muscled chelsea a few weeks ago against an Arsenal team that wilted when confronted with the same chelsea.......a swift passing game against a brutally effective midfield lead by an uncompromising Nigel De Jong and a terrifying Carlos Tevez. Only one person has the capabilities to blind the Millionaires- Cesc Fabregas. Whether he will energe tops remains to be seen. LPN117

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