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Monday, October 25, 2010


For every guy who is actively on the dating scene there will come a time when you are just invincible....no female you persue can say no to you. You prove to be in every sense irresistable. So in this wave of form you experiencing you meet a certain dame,..she likes you too but she makes it clear she has a boyfriend. Being you, you agree to being the 'other guy'...why not? its easy sex and she just will not mind if you date someone also, which just fits in with your man-whore ways. You pulled a successful 'TERRY' as i have come to call it. You tell your boys about it and they like it, they heap praises on you and shine your ego.
But like everything on this earth that turns out to be good it has to come to an end, Bridge through a slip up from one of the parties finds out and it all blows up. For you it might have been a touch and go scenario but to 'Bridge' she was his world....a girl he said he loved and had introduced to his buddies. He looks for blood. The question that arises is....Should TerrY agree to come to blows with Bridge?
Yes! one might say, he has to pay for his indecency...how could he do that to another man and expect to work scot free? Bridge is fighting to re-gain his dignity from his friends-he lost his girl but atleast he broke a dumb-ass boy's jaw....Tresspassing has never been allowed and anyone knows you get persecuted.
I feel there is no need to fight...why fight over a girl who in every respect is proving to be promiscous? even if its for saving face fact of the matter is, if its not Bridge it will be John or Kevin. she will cheat on you regardless. Make sure she worth foghting for brah before you get a life long scar for a girl who most probably dropped her panties at every chance she got. Or just fasten a leash on her neck so that predators do not whisk her away for i guarantee you no matter how much you love her if she finds someone better than you she will leave...So the next time you wake up to find you Fiona getting down with Charming, Shrek do not go about looking for a fight.-she was not yours to begin with she belonged to the world.
So guys stop tripping all over these women who have wronged you to begin with....its Dumb and Stupid. Be the bigger man, nurse you heart and walk away.  

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