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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The eX Factor

Well after every break-up a relationship ensues between the involved parties....you and your ex. You can choose to remain friends(Highly unlikely) or you will both be so angry communication breaks down.
If you have chose the first option it becomes tricky when you new partner comes into the picture, especially if your knew better half is a wee bit insecure...She fails to understand why your ex calls you in the late hours? or why she sees it fit to sit on your bed in your Dorm room? You seriously fail to understand why it is such a big deal...you not together anymore. You are not involved in any physical way. You are 'just friends' now.
For us guys we feel that way, but i also understand why women freak out! they involve feelings in a lot of stuff...and the feeling just do not vanish that easily. To them your ex is someone you may end up kissing in the moment because it is exactly what they will do....
The question i got from a friend of mine was; What do i do when my girlfriend freaks out?
(a) Try compromising...be friends with your ex but be prepared to put the feelings of your current partner first.
(b) If your partner proves to be the insufferably demanding and insecure type kick them to the curve....easy! Why should you be told who to see? ex or not, it is not cool.
(c) 'i expect you to not be in contact with your ex's'-That is ridiculous. A person you loved how do you not keep incontact with them?
(d) If you are caught with your Ex in compromising positions it cannot go down well with the current and i strongly advice against such a situations-Why is she all over you in the first place?.
To anyone in a relationship...if it get all heavy all of a sudden jump ship....another vessel will rescue you.

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