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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Whenever a sex scandal comes up involving a famous person we all act surprised....'How could Tiger do that?'....'How could Deben Natale sleep with such a young girl?'....im never surprised, i always expect it. The only crimes these men might have commited is to get married and portray themselves as family men whereas they tapped **s like it was nobody's business(Rooney, Tiger and Bill Clinton come into play). With fame comes the fast life....groupies, fast cars and big homes. The fast cars attract faster women...hot, young and nubile waiting in line to lay with a said celebrity. I mean as a man you can stay faithful for so long! At one point in time you cave in, fall into temptation and cheat. You feel guilty of course but man did she do you good! You lay another one, then another and the next thing you know you are caught up in a scandal that is so complicated it ruins your career. Do not be fooled into thinking you will escape being caught fool; most of these loose women are looking for a way out of their miserable existence so they will do anything to trap you...a baby, blackmail etc. To survive this fame i feel its better if all men who know they just cannot pass the opportunity to do all the groupies to adopt a Critiano Ronaldo way of life.....no commitments to nobody, when we hear you slept with a 46 year old sex worker we will not be surprised-thats how famous bachelors live after all.
What i am saying in short is that dudes should stop marrying women and mistreating them-It aint cool. If you that famous and you not ready to sleep in one bed the remedy is simple-DO NOT GET MARRIED. Adopt the play boy lifestyle but know they are boundaries...defilement!?! Why sleep with a 15 year old when hot-blooded legal 19 year olds are there for the taking? Rape!?! Kobe you can do anyone in Los Angeles why rape a white woman?
For the record i find it hard that men who are sex symbols to many women across the universe e.g Barrack, Will Smith, Denzel etc. are faithful. I completely refute their proposed loyalty. Nyaa rra! Big Will with Jada as you wife oraya gore gaoke o batla sepe ko ntle?

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