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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Legalizing and commercializing the oldest profession....

As far as time goes women considered to be immoral have been doing it and frowned upon, it is basically one of the world's oldest profession to date...Yes! the topic of today is Prostitution. I am writing about it because for the past month it has been a topic of discussion amongst various platforms on whether to legalize it or not?
Batswana pride themselves in being moral, they condemn it on all fronts. It is just too immoral for a woman to lay with so many men let alone earn a living off it they say. These are the very people who have multiple sexual partners and bastard children within a 50km radius of where they live. So its only bad if people pay you?
I personally advocate for legalizing prostitution in Botswana its about time we do so. I mean it would make it so much easier for these women who brave the nights to stand in shady corners looking for business. It would make it even easier for the men who do business with these women-it would become less embarrassing getting a prostitute since you will find them in a suitable location..i.e a brothel. Or if you do not want to be seen leaving one you can call one to your abode. You do your business and money changes hands, a business transaction-just like hiring a plumber.(although the fluids involved are utterly different)
Hypocrisy nna ga ke e rate, so i hate it when the very people who know the pleasures of bedding a sex worker would in the public make it seem like it is wrong. A batho ga ba lapisiwe ke go iphitlha? Time to do it legally. As much as these people would hate to admit it, a lot of sex workers are the backbone of most families, they do what the wives and girlfriends cannot do...they do it so well it keeps the men going back for more.
Its high time we take advantage of this viable industry and stop portraying ourselves as morally strong fibred when we very well know we are about as dirty as these women we term as loose and immoral.
I would be the first person in line to apply for a loan with the BDC or any bank to open a brothel. There are women who are willing to work-Hell they sleep around for free, why not make men pay for it?...and i am 100% sure that men will buy such a service.
The beauty of laying with a prostitute is that you are a customer and the first rule of service marketing is to keep the customer happy at all times, so you are bound to get a lot of satisfaction. Her main aim is to please you, give you a reason to come back. She does not judge. She has no right to, only your god can do so. She knows the right words to say...boost your ego.
The government of Botswana should legalize this profession and give us a platform to commercialize it: the best way we know how. The same goes for porn.

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