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Friday, February 25, 2011

of what we thought was for prison and limp-wristed revolution

'Rona reitse Matanyola ele dilo tsako di toronkong....kana ko mmaeneng kone gonna banna ba makotoka teng!'...Those were the words of one respected chief in the day when he was interviewed on Homosexuality. It summed up the views most Batswana had on homosexuals. Recently homosexual groups have been putting pressure on our government to discuss issues involving them and advocating for a lift in strict bans relating to their lifestyle.
I have to admit, i was one of the biggest homophobes of my time...mainly because i was raised that way. I was raised mostly by people who are God fearing Christians and to them sodomy is a sin. Homosexuality to them is the work of the devil and there is nothing to it...'did god create an Adam and an Adam?' is their favourite countering argument. We heard stories about Jail and what happens there. Tota it was said to be wrong and i believed it. These people disgusted me...i could not understand why give up the pleasures of laying with a hot blooded female for another man's rear end. eeeew!. Before leaving Maun for Varsity i must confess i had not met a fully fledged and out of the closet gay dude [or lesbian]. Then i met them, shared classes with them and for the first time in my life see a full on Man on Man kiss [or Woman on Woman]. It was a culture shock and i frowned in disgust. Thinking i was above such inhumanity.
The reason i blog about this today is simple people, its high time we get of our high horses. Embrace them for who they are for the god which you serve wholeheartedly and believe in also edges you not to judge others. Loving someone  for who they are i thought was a value even people with religious believes were familiar with. Simply put...WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE? Let their chosen gods judge them, our objective is to live with them re sena mathata. I look sadly at countries like Zimbabwe and Uganda that have threatened to kill these sort of people and i feel sad. Why hang somebody for carnal knowledge..a choice of flavours? gape its not like he said he wants to do it with you so why are YOU worried?
I want to live in a community where people will walk tall and proud and will not be afraid to say...'I am gay and i am Proud' and we would reply ' we know, and we have no problem with that', where children are taught that people are born different and we have to accept them for who they are....i mean we have made them suffer long enough, lets let them enjoy their relations in peace and harmony. Ba bonwe mo mebileng ba tshwarane ka matsogo jaaka lo ira le banna le basadi ba lona
Lets leave the cave man mentality behind, this world is moving at a pace we cannot comprehend and either we get on the wagon or let it pass us by. I want to get on it. So i am publicly saying it...'I have no problem with Homosexuals and i wish we would let them live just like us, free to fornicate with or marry whoever they feel like'
Lets grow up. Its about time we do.
[a]Just because i acknowledged you[gay person] doesnt mean you should frisk me on the dance floor at the club, i aint like that.
[b]Ke lapile ke di Gay jokes they are fun but degrading to these guys.
[c] Strictly no flirting dudes, ke rile ke batla lo tlogelwa...but i do not swing both ways. 
[d] If you are a parent and your child reveals they are gay, do not freak out. Nothing has changed, just that now he likes it from the back and most probably batho batla go supa ka menwana mo strateng but who cares?