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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Open Letter to God....

Dear God

Its been a while since we talked, do excuse my rudeness. Its just that i have been preoccupied with the ways of the world, swimming in a wave of soul sucking confusion. I cannot promise anything to you though as of yet, the current of the wave seems to be too strong...again i beg you to excuse my weakness for wilting to temptation. My personal relationship with you aside though big guy, i write this letter today intending on asking you for a favour for as my mother usually described you when i was young..'o modimo yoo kutlwelo botlhoko'.

As you might know already father to the world, Nelson Mandela has been on the news recently. He unsurprisingly has a problem with his health. A common feat for someone his age. I do not need to tell the story of his suffering in the late 19th century for i presume you already know that. Its a path many believers would want to believe you chose for him. The South African people feel indebted to him and the world in general celebrates and idolizes him. With good reason i must say, it must take a real saint to look his oppressor in the eye and utter the words 'i forgive you'. I personally would not have been able to go with such an option. I get angry, and 27 years is enough to build a wall of hate around me, simply put....all white South Africans would have been driven into the sea (except maybe their daughters and wives).

The favour i wish you do for me is take Madiba away....let him go to his final resting place, a merciful killing if you would. I am not being cruel, i love this man....that is why i ask you this favour. He worked so hard to make the world a better place, he is basically a saint. Let him go rest, a 92 year old Mandela i presume does not enjoy this world anymore. He just wants to rest. Why are you making him suffer? Its a well documented fact that when the Afrikaans released him he was physically depleted as a result of all the manual labour and harsh treatment he encountered on the inside. Now i imagine him at 92. They might say today its chronic bronchitis and tommorow its something else because it is what people his age do...the fall sick. They are nothing but empty shells physically. I hate seeing him in this state. Do me this one favour and let him rest, let him go to sleep...peacefully. When people his age die we do not mourn but we celebrate their lives and feel happy for it means they are now at peace. He has done so much for this world its the least i could do for him.

I am asking for this favour out of love. It is not my first request of such and i guess you have them in your database. please do refer to them.

Yours trully

p.s Do something about those people around him planning on making a quick buck should he die...and those that continue using him as a P.R tool-making him make appearances at events and all.Its wrong and it does not go down well with me.

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