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Sunday, March 13, 2011

extract from short-story i started writing.....

I already knew what I would be required to do; Felli had told us the story of his initiation a thousand times when I was young. I was sweating profusely and my heart pumped against my rib-cage with such ferocity I thought it would break it. I sat next to Cash once more; he kept glancing towards me and asking if I was doing alright. I nodded an answer every time he did so. Everyone sat in silence as Cash drove around Gaborone looking for a target. He finally spotted one and reduced the speed of the car a few metres away. Cash reached into his pocket and took out a shiny hunting knife. He handed it to me and nodded slowly; I took it and got out of the car. The target was wearing a petrol station uniform; probably he had just finished his shift and was going home. I paced towards him and he did not notice me as I came up behind him. I coughed lightly to catch his attention and he startled, turning in the process. For a second he stared into my eyes and he registered a panicked expression. I placed the knife on his chest with so much force that he tumbled to the ground. He rolled three metres away from me, the knife still stuck in his chest. I moved swiftly towards him before he could react and removed the heavy knife. A blood spatter caught my face in the process and I stuck it in him again. He struggled and screamed in the most heart stopping way. I pressed him to the ground and sliced his throat; he stopped his screaming and seizure like movements almost as quickly as the knife had slit his throat. Blood flowed thick and fast like it did after we had slaughtered a goat. The Caravelle parked next to me and the gang stepped out. A pool of blood surrounded the petrol attendant and my pants and shirt were soaked with his blood. They patted me softly on my back and loaded the body into the vehicle. Cash pulled me up to my feet and simply wiped my tears away with his thumb. He pulled me close to him and whispered. ‘Your Brother would be so proud of you’. I nodded but continued crying softly. ‘Pull yourself together now, do not let them see you cry like that they will think you are weak. We have to ditch this body and return to the warehouse, we are behind schedule.

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