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Friday, April 22, 2011

Another story from way back....

The electronic alarm clock on his bed stand echoed across his dark room as usual at 5am, signalling the begining of his day. On this particular morning he did not need the alarm to wake him as he had already done so an hour earlier. He had been laying in bed contemplating his boldest move ever since he had burst out and asked his step-father to stop hitting his younger brother. This deed had earned him an hour at the mercy of the dreaded sjambok. The idea had crept to him whilst he was in the middle of one of his daydreams and he could not resist the urge to put it into practice. He had decided to tell Same how he feels about her once and for all before it was too late. This was their last school term together and he fumbled he might never find the opportunity again. He found himself wishing it could happen like in the movies where a clumsy girl would drop her books and the love of her life would try to help pick them up. In one fateful momentat which their eyes met they would inevitably fall inlove, come rain or wind or another love interest. he knew just how far off reality was from such made up storylines. there was no easier way to do it but tell her like it is and this was the hardest part because everytime he had tried telling her for the past two years he found himself saying stuff that surprised even himself. It was because of this particular reason he had been wrongfully placed in what Kgotla termed "THE FRIEND ZONE". Where he had to pretend to be happy for her while she was with another usurper: his heart yearning for her affection. he had spent the last two years on the sidelines watching as a bunch of undeserving baffoons claimed what was rightfully his. Since they did not know how to handle her free spirited heart they usually broke it into pieces and scurried off. he on the other hand understood her and knew he would make her the happiest girl alive. he would whistle her favourite tune in the morning, he knew her scent distinctively, knew what to say to make her laugh and love watching her smile and laugh in her rather carefree manner. he was now done waiting for her to realise her feeling towards him, it was time to act or foever hold his peace. he dismounted from his bed and worked towards a cracked mirror on the opposite end of his bed. he stood infront of it and stared into the eyes of his own reflection. 
"today is your day Jimmy! now or never. I can and i will" he said only for his reflection to mouth back the words at him. his heart beat heavily, not with anger or sadness or confidence or being scared: a weird pumping that transported him to a world not of our own, where he knew anything could happen

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