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Friday, April 1, 2011

Why you suddenly on a moral high horse?

Its 0235hrs on a Saturday morning and I am on my third and last glass of wine for this round. It so happens that 60% of my post come at a time when i have a glass near me.
That however is not why i am posting this one. Today i blog about the acceptance of religion and effects it has on    your life and that of the people around you. 
I have had friends over my life-time, usually people who have a lot in common with me. We do the stuff of 'ordinary' boys..... talk about sex, do sex, talk about women and drink liquor, then talk some more about sex. (i)Sometimes there is that friend of yours that has certainly hit the wrong side and has liked it beyond expectations. They drink hard, sleep around and do all the bad things we all are told not to do when we grow up. The fast life catches up to him and brings him down; the ways are different... he might get a fatal sexual disease or experience other illnesses that leads him to re-evaluating his choices in life. He embraces the lord and accepts him as their lord and saviour, like the rest of those people who only remember or think he exists only when they are at their lowest points.
(ii) Then there is always that guy you grow up with, a true friend under the sun. You love him and would give your life for him in an instant for you believe he would do the same; Your Brother. Then you grow up and choose different paths. he becomes a man of the lord and you on the other hand have decided to choose that road laden with temptations of the flesh, money, greed and liquor.
Both these people to begin with were your friends and you loved them as brothers. The funny thing is when they embrace chritianity or any religion they tend to alienate themselves from you and the rest of the world for you have chosen to fornicate and do all other things they cannot bring themselves to forgive. They cast you away and forget just how much you value their friendships. We are after all grown-ups, we make choices and in the end we have to live with those consequences. They chose their fates and destiny, like we did ours. The day of judgement will come in the end as they believe so why they feel they can judge me? Why they feel we do not warrant their love anymore like we used to. All my good friends who have more or less did this to me hurt me. I feel so hurt,i loved you before you found the beauty of religion and i will always consider you a big part of my life. I am actually proud you found your purpose in life but do you feel it is right to alienate you from those who have grown up with you and come to love you? I am still me, i have not changed. I might be a working Lust machine, i might ingest liquor and do the nasty before i marry but i am me.
I never challenge your religion, neither tell you how to live your life. I do not judge you, so i will appreciate it if you learn to respect my choices in life and understand we are still brothers. Hostility is unnecessary, for people praising superior powers with kind hearts you act like a bunch of bitches on your lame moral high horses.

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