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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Mbau Expose

I have lived and grew up among various times of women. I have come to a point where i think i can tell which is which, although i am far from being a seasoned professional on women. The time i have been on earth i have come to learn a lot and i am grateful to the world for these lessons.
Women are different, men are different and as such we seek out the person that suits us the most. During this said search we meet them, all kinds. My favorite type will always remain the 'bring home to my parents' type. She is good, very good. She makes you chase her, chase her till your feet are sore. She does this to test your level of commitment to the idea that is her happiness. Even after she lets you in you would work your ass off to gain her trust and finally get the words ' i love you' out of her. This type of women are the only remaining breed that are a true embodiment of what love is. I have never courted such a woman for they intimidate me but i would advice all my brothers to go for these types ASAP. They might not give head but they are for keeps. They build you up as human being, teach you patience as a virtue and will be good mothers to be. Pillars.
I blog on this occasion for i am deeply worried for my sisters out there who have it all twisted. This started when i saw the following status update on my Facebook page ' Gals....dnt u jst hate brke guys????coz i cn't stand thm..' this comment believe it or not came from an 18 year old girl. She then goes to comment un-ashamedly. 'Eish i gara sy its realy hrd 4 me 2 lv a brke guy,dt gt me wrng, i dt alwyz luk at a guy's pockt, but its so much easier 4 me 2 lv a guy wit mola.... ' ... seriously! Is this what the world has come to? For these kids to confuse materiality for love? 
The Mbau disease i say, what ever happened to having real goals in life? This child already has no vision of doing an honest day's work in her life, she waits for the guy with the money. These women will do anything to bed you the minute the sniff a dollar or two. In marriages they are controlled by husbands for they are not financially secure to stand on their own. This women are not inlove with their husbands/life-partner but rather the material aspect of his life. Laugh all you want but you know i tell truth, you know them personally... they are your cousins, sisters and girlfriends. They good for the moment, heck they do a lot to please... bedroom fantasies galore, but i doubt they are the kind you bring home. Let alone let raise your children even if she is their mother. I feel sorry for this women really, it hurts a lot to see them prostituting themselves in such a way. Yes you are just an ordinary PROSTITUTE nothing MORE nothing LESS. Atleast a prostitute has the decency to charge me to my face.  You all know yourselves out there please stop confusing the fact that he buys you an expensive gadget for love... im merely paying for the good sex. Real love should not be measured by material things but actions that make your heart skip a beat, make you feel safe and loved. Be a real woman, let us LOVE YOU for you are precious and we basically need you. Do not be a Khanyi... this girl's mother must cry herself to sleep for raising such a bonafide whore