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Friday, April 22, 2011

untitled short-story....wrote it like 2 years ago

Jonathan stood rigidly at the door, clearly not believing what he was witnessing. The other party did not see the intruder at the door thus continued their act absent-mindedly. His heart pounded against his ribs uncontrollably as he watched the ungrateful swine holding his daughter in his filthy arms. The moans of pleasure coming from the vermin holding his daughter seemed to raise his already mounting anger. A voice dared him to go ahead and do it and he readily oblidged. Moving forwards in a dreamlike manner, he picked up Jeanie's hockey stick and without a moment's hesitation struck the oblivious boy at the back of the head. Caught offguard the boy toppled off the bed, simultaneously an ear-splitting scream escaped Jeanie's lips. As if possesed Jonathan hit the boy over and over again until he lay motionless on the once breathtakingly white rug, the rug now spotted a violent shade of scarlet created by Jabulani's blood. His daughter's terrified sobs seemed to bring him back to his senses thus comprehending what he just did. 
"Jabu!?!". She called out to him, half sobbing. 
"Daddy you killed him!". She said rather harshly to her father who stood motionless over the body of his Zimbabwean gardner. 
"I loved him and you killed him daddy! I hate you! I hate you! I....". Her voice faltered, she shoved her head between her thighs and wept. Her wails of despair pierced the walls of the Wiltshire Manor in a dreadful echo that was heavy with sadness. 

Jonathan approached his daughter and placed a trembling arm around her in a bid to console her. 
"He tried to rape you and i saved you from him". He said in something short of a whisper, more to convince himself than his daughter. 
"Just let daddy handle this, everything will be alright." 
Jeanie looked at her father sadly and continued to sob hysterically. 
"I loved him daddy......i really did." 
Jonathan stood up and left the room and as he did so he could see her straight A golden girl sob over the body of the Zimbabwean. How she could throw away her future for a boy who was heading nowhere he could not understand. He had plans and dreams for her daughter, he would be damned if he was to stand by and let such an abomination take place. The boy would not be ruining her future anytime soon, he had made sure of that. All that was left was to clean out this mess before it gets out of hand. He reached his study and made a phone call to the police. 
"Emergency services? yes! This is inspector Weatherby Willow. There has been a break-in at Wiltshire Manor. The assailant has been subdued, requesting assistance as soon as the next unit can be here". He put the receiver down walked briskly to the kitchen to pick a kitchen knife to place in the boy's possession;it would certainly raise a few eyebrows if he was not armed.