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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sebeteledi.....gase boloi.

Sunday Standard - Online Edition

Last night i had the craziest night of my life in the state of mind that is sleep. When i was growing up back in Maun i always heard elders talk about it, sebeteledi. That nightmarish dream of some sort. It has happened to me quite often than i care to count but last night was even more crazier than usual. I was totally awake, or atleast i thought i was, it hit me and i couldnt scream or move. Usually when it happens like so my mother who happened to be an avid believer in higher powers and all weird pagan phenomenons Batswana believe in would advice me to pray. I would pray but it seemed only to make this sebeteledi even more stronger. So last night i tried crying, then i remembered my mother as it literally wrestled my soul and prayed. I would try fighting, to no avail. It will go away for a few minutes then come back again. I think it went on for more than 45minutes, all too real. Problem is i could not see what was attacking me so, i could only feel it. I thought it was moving me about and attempted to rape me. Problem is when i came back to my senses i was in a stationary position and my bed showed no signs of a struggle. I laughed alone imagining my mother's response if she were alive upon hearing of my ordeal... 'baa go lowa ngwanaka, gaba batle o tswella mo botshelong' (they are definately bewitching you, they do not want you to succeed). So i googled it in the morning and came upon the article i have linked. Its just a sleeping disorder caused by a lot of factors i believe to be true. Had a fairly stressful week, was exhausted and i am sure i went to bed anxious over my industrial attachment. Gake loiwe.


  1. Happened to me last night. everything you described! I've been so freaked out. couldn't stop thinking about it the whole day.