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Sunday, July 31, 2011

When it is embarrassing to report you have been raped?

So rape is a very serious crime. It warrants jail time, lots of jail time. When raped it is imperative that you report it to the nearest police station ASAP. Tests are carried out just in-case the rapist left DNA evidence behind. OK.
So after my first few lines what gender was your victim?(in your mind)...............99% of everyone reading this post were bound to say FEMALE. Rape is usually associated with men abusing women. FACT.
Which brings me to the question of the day: As a MALE would you report you have been raped?(by either a  woman or a man).
We talked about it with my boys at length.....
NO! I say.... THE SHAME! Even the police officers are bound to discriminate against you.
Being raped by a woman? or worse by a man?
Its going to be very hard to reveal what happened, even to your closest friends.
We all kind of agreed that we would keep it to ourselves.
I know it is a wrong message to be sending out to the public but still....... the horror. Imagine rocking at the station to report it.
Attending Officer: So how can i help you?
Male Victim: I would like to report a crime.
Attending Officer: Crime of what nature?
Male Victim: Rape
Attending Officer: Who is the victim? A relative?
Male Victim: No! Me.
Attending Officer: ....(awkward silence) You?
Male Victim:(nods)
Attending Officer: Who raped you? What happened?
Male Victim: My collegue at work over at the Dinareng farm.... he got me drunk and raped me when i could not fight back.
Attending Officer: .....  he? (speechless expression)
Its hard, its very hard.
A man being raped is basically an equivalent of a man who happens to be abused by his wife. How do you report that? Will your dignity as a Motswana Man still be there?
The above is a link to a story of a male that was gang-raped by Soldiers in the DRC. Gang-Raped!!! By Soldiers!!!!
Stranger things have happened.

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