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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Should we be terrified?

The following is part of a Memoranda by the UBSRC.....


REF                 :         SRC/JUS/2011/12
TO                   :         STUDENT COMMUNITY
FROM            :         SRC OFFICE
DATE             :          08th August 2011
SUBJECT      :          Khama's notorious and overzealous security agents targets SRC Members

This memoranda serves to caution and inform the student community that SRC members are the latest target for Khama's notorious and overzealous security agents in the name of D.I.S! The dramatic yet shocking episode unfolds thus;

The Minister of Justice, together with the SRC President Mr. Khumoekae Richard engaged in a night vigil of intensive research at the SRC chambers, on the fateful night of the 04/08/2011. Upon completing our work we headed to the SRC block where we live. When we opened our rooms we were met by shock and aghast as our rooms were turned upside down, official SRC documents littered on the floor. Amongst the missing documents, is the SRC report to the DCEC which heavily implicated some members of the BDP-led SRC. Some of the evidence which was in our possession was tempered with. Copies of financial statements and purchase orders were also missing. What makes the SRC to suspect foul play     is the fact that valuable items such as cash and computers were left untouched!

The SRC reasonably suspect that irresponsible and misguided elements within Khama's militia were behind the attack. The students should be aware that Botswana's civil military relations have turned sour since President Khama ascended to the highest office. An immediate example is the thoughtless and politically concentrated remarks made by one Lt. General Tebogo Masire. It is evident that nowadays that the overzealous security agents of this country have lost direction and lacks definate mandate. The Directorate of Intelligence and Security which is the most brutal has turned itself into a merciless military wing of the ruling party.  

The SRC launched a case with the UB Protection Service which proved to be helpless in the matter. We then proceeded to report the matter at the Central Police Station. The SRC believes that such blasphemous acts by the security agents are directives from the echelon authority. Such vilification of the sanctity of the office of the SRC is unwarranted and poses a security threat for the entire studentry. Always be vigilant! Unfortunately, there are some members of the University Staff (triplets) who assist the state apparatus in harassing and undermining the authority of the SRC. Since we are on the second week of the month, the SRC could only surmise that the ''Triplets'' are suffering from (P.S.S)-Post Salary Syndrome!

The Director of Student Welfare was noticed of this unfortunate incident and the SRC plans to meet with President Khama or Mr Isaac Kgosi to discuss this issue and ascertain the safety of the SRC members and the entire studentry. The blood Blood-thirsty vampires (D.I.S) are on a rampage to unleash terror on the SRC and something must be done. Nonetheless, stay assured that the SRC can never be derailed from its core business that is student delivery. The SRC remains solid, unshaken and will continue advocating for student rights robustly, without fear or favour.

The scales of justice have been tilted and it is upon us to restore the scales to equilibrium state. The SRC still awaits feedback regarding this issue and the DCEC report. Re kopa dithapelo tsa lona betsho.....


So yeah there you have it folks!

''..just because we don't know anyone tryin' to stop us, don't mean ain't nobody out there tryin' to stop us. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence'' - Gin Rummy, Boondocks. 'Lets nab Oprah'

The above quote is basically what is being said by the above memo. 'No evidence whatsoever, but this does not mean forces are not out there to ruin us' . Our rooms were ransacked so its the notorious D.I.S trying to intill a wave of terror! 
What i think is this....
1.These rooms could have been ransacked by BDP members who by the way are RA's across this school. They run this institution. It could have been any one of them, especially looking at the items said to be stolen.
2. So i have heard stories of the D.I.S agents not being the sharpest tools on the shed but still if they were responsible for the said 'terror act' could they have not been more clinical. I mean if it was me i would have took those laptops and valuables to make it seem like a robbery..... atleast it is what they do on TV. 
3. Re batla bosupi... where is that evidence that they were attacked by the D.I.S? Le gone can the D.I.S or BDP upper torso be concerned with saving those said miscreants named in the report? Is our SRC that much of a threat to democracy that they warrant harassment from security branch. 

4. So yaga Lt. Masire yone e batlang daa? ke raa hela.... seriously?
5. D.I.S is military wing of the BDP..... oh God! I feel sorry for Kgosi, so this is what they spend millions of taxpayer money doing? stealing useless reports and harassing students. nyaa ruri.
6. I am bothered by implied message suggesting students might be in danger.
7. Will be waiting for that report on a meeting with H.E Mr. Ian Khama Seretse Khama or Mr. Kgosi.
although i doubt the presidents will grant them an audience, ekare a kgona go gana go kopana le bo Motshwarakgole le Mapalamente a Domi.... 

I feel next time rumours and accusations are thrown about there should be a foundation with which said accuser will back himself with.
What if D.I.S was to take legal action... citing defamation of character or some legal mumbo jumbo like that. a bogogi jwa rona boka ikarabela ka bosupi?
Just Saying.

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