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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moments of insecurities and anxieties inflated by uncertainty....

I am an ambitious dude. I am
(a) a dreamer
(b) an optimist
I have always wanted to succeed..... no, not have a lot of money but succeed in life.
I have been on that journey so far and i realize i have atleast one year on my tertiary education left. I am psyched and horrified all at the same time. I have been in this school thing for a really long time its all i am good at. The outside world seems quite uncertain, scary yet enticing. Full of opportunity for those ready to take it.
Right after i write that last paper what is to become of me? Will i make it like i always thought and dreamed of? Will that period of uncertainty build or drown me? Can i do it on my own or will i have to source out help?
So even as you hold your degree on your hands there remains the major task of:
(a) convincing target employer why he/she should gamble on you among all available candidates.?
(b)why really your low GPA is not a direct representation of your practical abilities?
(c)Why with your high GPA and impressive CV your turn out to have a fairly low Social IQ?   
The period after you leave the security that is University/College is the one that makes you. A transition from a mere dreamer to a man of action. A determined individual willing and able to labor to achieve only the best in life.
So yes the impending end to my schooling scares/terrifies me, but the uncertainty also gives me an indirect nudge to face the unknown. hence when that time beckons i will be ready, ready to do my best and hope i do not feel inclined to quit should the tide prove too strong for me to handle.
I shall dream of owning all that property across the country, those apartments, vacations to St Tropez, Gourmet food, Lovely family and my AudiQ7 because nobody shall take them from me so long as i am alive. So long as im alive i shall stand up everytime i get knocked down by the world for i am still alive.
So no matter how scared and anxious you are. It will be Ok! It has to be bad to be good.
the success would not be as sweet if you did not labor to achieve it.

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