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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Morning Afters......reflections

I have always been a good kid, as long as i can remember. I went through my high school years doing my books and the TV set. I never went out and never dated (unfortunately). I used to think people who drink are idiots, busy digging a grave for themselves. I was never out of line, the quiet one.
Then somebody passed me a bottle of wine one day and in the mist of my tipsy state i had an enlightenment, the only reason i grew up an obedient child was because i was afraid of disappointing. Disappointing the world, my mother and all other people who mentioned me to their kids as an example. I worried a lot about what the world thought of me.
So these days i live for me, i drink, i club, and everything i want to because i WANT TO. I realised alcohol is not the enermy, no we as human beings are. WE ARE WEAK. I still think if you drink you are an idiot.. :-). The nightlife exposed a lot of characters to me and i realised., the irresponsible drinkers gave alcohol a bad name. They did. I do a bottle of wine per night, and its always an achievement to finish it. I have never been in a situation where i did not see myself or failed to account for my actions. I know when to stop. I know when i cannot afford to drink and i know there is a tommorrow. That being said i would like to classify myself as a responsible drinker.
Then there is the other type.
the one we dreaded turning into.
the guy/girl who just was not meant to ingest liquor, for when he/she has it in him/her his/her sense totally loses him/him.
He/she will drink that case of Black Label when he/she knows she/he cannot handle it. Blackout in the middle of nowhere or puke. We all have that friend.
They blow all their funds on a single weekend and are proud to declare that they spent P700 ko clubbong.
The smokers.
'no nna kana ke fua hela ke nole'
the most ridiculous excuse ever.
I hate smokers. and i am not saying drinkers are safer than smokers but still, that habit will KILL YOU. It slowly disfigures you then it will kill you.
I want people who drink responsibly, if you cannot handle a whole case stick to your six pack, no one will think you are weak. If you behaviour becomes embarrassing after getting drunk please consider leaving the drinking scene.
Over indulgence is very risky both for smokers and drinkers.
how many times have i heard, 'i think the condom broke' or 'i dont remember using it'.
That life is risky and it saddens me everytime i hangout with these kind of people.
Tlogela motsokwe, its just unattractive. Drink responsibly.
i think i can safely say my friends/ Drinking buddies are responsible drinkers. they stick to a six pack mo bosigong, max ke 12. because baa itse gore gake rate.
Motsokwe gake batle goo bona.
Live you life for you but live it in a way that even you kids would be proud of you. You parents will be still proud of you because you did not turn out like your 34year old brother who still lives at home but has job.
Be proud of yourself.
A lot of us do it, but waking up next to someone you do not know because nele swele has to stop.

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