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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i dropped my cellphone and started laughing, the hollow laughter was followed surprisingly by tears. i cried and laughed at the same time, unable to control my feelings. i could not really single out one emotion, sadness and a euphoric feeling seemed to invade my heart concurrently.
"Benny...My baby are you okay?"
Her sweet voice braught me back to earth; to hard cold reality. I turned and looked at her. She lay in my bed sprawlingly, naked and extraordinarily beautiful against the luminous light from the scented candle on my bedstand. My moment of madness had made me forget she was there ready to give herself to me.
The orgasmic feeling taking refuge inside my heart rendered me speechless. I mumbled something even i could not understand and walked over to her taking off my clothes.
Even as i was blinded by emotion i could not help but marvel at the work of art she referred to as her body. Her supple bossom was tender, soft and firm to the touch. I explored every bit of her body with my mouth and tongue, her soft moarns only increased the intensity in my heart. As i went down on her she pulled me up and whispered ever so softly into my ear, begging me to enter her. As i did she let out an audible gasp and i took it as my cue to resume my cries and laughter. I could feel my manhood, as hard as a bamboo stick against her tight, wet and quite welcoming cunt.
As i rode her into the sunset i stared into her eyes and i could see her perplexity and sheer enjoyment. I moved like a man possesed, possesed by an out of control demon being unleashed on a unsuspecting vessel.As i came, her warm thighs gripping my waist ever so tightly i screamed and my screams coincided with her soft cries.
I dismounted her and cried sorrowfully; she too was now crying and covered all over by her own persperation. i had no idea why she was crying too because i was crying for my father.
A man i had just been told was dead.

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