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Thursday, May 24, 2012

So I was sitting at home a few days back when an episode of the hugely popular South African soapie Generations aired (I say this because I do not watch it… (*___*) nor do I get excited when it comes on). In any case a one Khapela was mad because the love of his life Khetiwe had brought their month old offspring to the City (JHB). Khetiwe’s friends would come over eventually hold the baby, take pictures and in most African/Bantu cultures this is horribly frowned upon. So then that made me think, why differentiates us from other cultures?
Allow me to explain:
Ø  In Setswana culture a new born baby is kept in isolation from all contact with the world. Only old women, men and ‘innocent’ children can come into contact with the baby. Everyone who is sexually active or has recently had an abortion or any other morally despicable deed is to never come near the baby. This stuff is so serious to the extent that I have seen children battle for their lives after being exposed to such people… the older generation referred to it as goo okangwa.
Ø  Secondly when a woman has been recently widowed she is to not have sexual intercourse of any kind before being properly cleansed or else said male will fall sick and eventually die. Again I have seen cases were men have died after sleeping with such a woman.
Ø  Thirdly for a certain period a man who has not impregnated a woman cannot engage in the nasty with her or else he will die. Go tsenella mpa, another big deal. I had a close friend who nearly died because he slept with a pregnant woman, he did not know then she was pregnant. Or if this said woman continues to have sexual relations with another man who is clearly not the father the baby would come out looking like a freaking alien,I swear. Referred to as go jelwa.
Ø  Also men should avoid sleeping with woman who have had arbotions in recent times, nasty business that.
So my problem with all of this is: I see a lot of my white friends… ok so I do not have white friends but I know a lot about them. Their babies are allowed to go out into the public at a month old, you have seen them on TV, celebrities who give birth today tomorrow they are at some events with their babies changing hands and what not, why is it that their babies do not die or fall sick? Men from these other continents sleep with pregnant women willy nilly, never have I heard of a European man who has died because he slept with a recently widowed woman. Why!? At the end of the day are we not the same? Does it go down to belief? Is our mojo that strong? I am so confused. What is that kills a fully grown man when he sleeps with a widowed woman? How can sleeping with a pregnant woman kill. How is that even possible scientifically!?    

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