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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I usually spend random weekends in Kanye, a village a few kilometres from Gaborone, I was born there, it is where my mother comes from but I have had a hard time calling it home, needless to say that is a story for another time… So since I am technically un-employed and have a lot of time on my hands I decided to go spend a week at ‘home’, meet a few relatives, spend time with my Aunts and Uncle. To bring this narration to bed one has to understand how I have been feeling of late, LOST. I have been waiting for my Semester 8 results that would tell me if I am to graduate or not, some of my former classmates have already started working or running around looking for jobs and I have been for lack of a better word ‘bumming’. Lying about wondering what the fuck I am going to do with my life, whether I will get opportunities or if I will reach the level of success I aspire to? So I arrived in Kanye with those sentiments and a general feeling of hopelessness, scared shitless was I. So I have been hanging out with a few of my cousins, born and bred here. This is how they live, together with their friends and majority high school educated individuals here. They work menial jobs; usually manual labour related gigs… the stipend earned is spent on assorted alcoholic beverages. All day every day, their life is basically about getting wasted. Moving from one dingy place to another and buying alcohol for other people or looking for them to hook you up. Fathering a dozen babies with a dozen women, kids they could care less about taking care of! That’s all they do. I wondered then, do these people not realize there is so much to life? Is ambition only restricted to a select few? Do these fellows not have goals, aspirations for themselves or their children? Is this it for them? Then I realized right there and then…. I had been selfish and a bit too hard on myself, either way at the end of the day Orebotse Lepono (me) would be a Finance graduate. Either way Orebotse Lepono would be able to get a job, 2, 3, 4 years from now… Orebotse Lepono has something to look forward to. Orebotse Lepono is a man with goals and ambitions and that differentiates him from a lot of other people. Orebotse Lepono should be happy he is so worried for this shows he knows what is at stake. If there are people who should wake up worried it should be these guys, surely life cannot be so cruel. I am glad I will have a degree to be my foundation, whether it is today, tomorrow or next year. I have something to look forward to about my life, which is more than other people could say for themselves. I will make it, I know. It is not solely about the education I have received, no! it is also about how I have clearly matured as an individual, it is about the knowledge I have harvested from the world, enough to let me navigate through life as it is… how did most of these people not see it as I see it, how is it that even now they think what they do is all life can offer? 

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