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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yesterday the world came together as always to celebrate Fathers’ Day! So in honor of my dead beat father I thought I should share my views on a subject I feel is dear to most absent fathers, single mothers and children with daddy issues like me. Yep! Abortion!!
As most of you might know, abortion is illegal in Botswana like most other things looked down upon- Porn, Prostitution, Homosexuality etc., legalizing it is a debate yet to be settled, knowing Batswana it is unthinkable, they would rather have girls/women do it illegally or dump newborns in shady places.
Firstly let me say: I used to be anti-abortion due to a story my mother always told me when growing up:
From what she told me, she fell pregnant in the late 80’s, an era of care-free living and the belief that AIDS did not exist. She referred to it as ‘Paradise’. She was in-love, he was obviously playing around like all rolling-stones of that era. So when she told him the news of her pregnancy he ran for cover, leaving her on her own, heart-broken, un-employed and desperate. Obviously the thing growing inside her had to go, so she set out to abort. She figures she tried every trick known then to get rid of it but the infestation would not budge, she eventually quit when she realized she was too far along to abort, accepted the situation for what it was, raised a boy she grew to love. Thus the name she gave him, ‘Orebotse’, meaning basically ‘Modimo o rebotse’ (god has sanctioned it)
It was for that reason my mother always thought I was special and always told me. So I grew up feeling like had it worked my mother would have been robbed of her boy, and I would not have had the honor of being here now. So abortion was always a no-no.
Growing up I have come to see a world rapidly so much we as a country had to follow and we have adopted ways of living that have now left thousands of children both motherless and fatherless, children living in horrible conditions etc. I just came to the conclusion that maybe abortion is not so bad after all!
Yearly hundreds of young women die in botched illegal abortions, children dumped in toilets, trenches and god knows what by women who are just not in the right state to have a child!
Deep down I still feel its dirty and morally despicable but it’s a pill we will have to swallow to reduce these worrying set of events. I am just tired of children born into circumstances that would disadvantage them for the rest of their lives. I am tired of burying young women. I am tired of news of an abandoned new-borns. Lets Legalise.  

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