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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


About a month or two ago we had a huge noise on twitter about a guy who gave a radio interview about the existence of Satanism in one of the local radio stations, ever since then we have had story after story on Satanist Cults locally. The head of the DIS the infamous Isaac Kgosi actually acknowledged the existence of such a threat and even went on to the extent of saying a few prominent figures in our societies run in these circle, I am as shocked as you right now…
Today I pick up and newspaper, The Monitor, Vol. 13, No.22, Mon June 2012, and right there on the front page is a story on a Satanist Cult existing in a Secondary school, among 16-19 year olds… the allegations are just so unbelievable and mind-blowing at times. The article implies that most students there live in fear of these Satanists and closeted vampires who run around drinking other peoples blood (article does not say how they get this blood or whether they take it willingly or force-fully!)…. What im thinking is they wrestle one unsuspecting soul to the ground and drink his/her blood or one Satanist donates one pint of blood to another and one donates to the other. Smh. And get this; …the Satanists are said to be very powerful that they just look at your face and pass Satanism on to you… I mean who are these people!! Fuck!! Shit sounds like a bad Hollywood movie… I suggest our poor kids start wearing mandatory Ray-Bans to school to avoid this people who turn you with their stares, imagine!!! …according to some students who have confessed to being infected by this Satanism spirit, they realized they were infected after having the desire to drink human blood… and you thought Lady Gaga was weird!!!!!!!! It is also reported that some students who are said to be members of the Satanism group go to the extent of putting snakes on their bodies while they are sleeping in the hostels… It goes on to tell of how some of these students put snakes in other students whilst they are sleeping. Again the article fails to tell of how these said snakes are obtained or how is it that when one person is shoving a huge black-mamba down your throat you do not feel it…. Teachers are also implicated in all these and they also hold their meetings in the cover of darkness (which is probably advisable since we do not want to see people eating snakes and drinking blood out in the open).
The school has not been able to solve their problem since they cannot prove it actually exists!!
Personally I find all this to be a bit dramatic and over the top, I just do not believe this shit is real man. We need proof, concrete evidence. I feel one person, ideally from the DIS should go undercover in one of these sects and expose them from the inside. Drinking blood and ingesting snakes is a bullet he will have to take for all of us, so we know that we have vampires and Satanists amongst us, Once and For All!!!!!! Also exactly WHAT IS THEIR AGENDA!? We hear stories of Illuminati sects and how they control multiple industries and look to take over the world, blah blah blah… so what do these Satanist aim to achieve, wealth!?, success!? Fame!?  Mr Kgosi needs to write a full report and make it public, we need to know!!! I would hate to be walking down a dark alley and having to wake up bleeding from my neck….


  1. Hey this is some scary shit