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Sunday, July 29, 2012


The new batman movie is out, im excited, millions of other movie goers and nerds across the world are also excited. In a faraway land of honey, milk flowing from taps and gold paved streets, America, movie goers went for a midnight screening of the movie, probably wondering out-loud how good it was. Whether Christopher Nolan will be able to repeat the success of the second installment? Fifteen minutes into the movie a man armed with an AR-15, a Remington 870 shotgun and a 40 caliber glock handgun stormed into one of the theaters screening said movie, the man was dressed in a bullet-proof vest, all black attire and had on what eye witnesses said looked like a riot helmet. In true Gotham City fashion he opened fire on the crowd assembled, killing a dozen and injuring more than fifty other people. (How it is just so easy to get such heavy weaponry in America is a story for another time.)
In South-Africa two males were sentenced to eight life sentences running concurrently for raping paramedics who had responded to an emergency call for a toddler who had suffered pretty bad burns. These individuals had forced these paramedics to perform oral sex on them, and then repeatedly raped them, also forcing a passerby at gun-point to rape these women.
So children from a small town in South Africa were going for a sports day to a neighboring town when they had an accident, colliding with a mini-bus taxi which was in the process of over-taking another vehicle, one child died, headmaster of school also passed away, all passengers in the taxi unfortunately died, driver included.
Not more than a month ago also we listened to a story of a taxi driver who was murdered by a passenger, shot in the back of the head for missing said passenger’s stop.
The above stories I shared with you because today as I write this I am just so disgusted, so ashamed, embarrassed and horribly saddened at how we as human beings take for granted the lives of other human beings. People just have no form of respect for human life anymore. As a taxi driver in any place you are entrusted with the lives of hundreds if not thousands of commuters in your community. It is up to you to then make sure these people are safe, also meaning other road-users are safe. You cannot drive like a drunken mad man when a dozen lives are entrusted to you. What the driver of that taxi did was grossly negligent and shameful. A family out there would have to bury a husband, father and uncle. Parent would have to bury a child. A parent should never have to suffer the indecency of outliving a child, never. What is sad about all this is that it could have been avoided. Had the driver had the slightest regard for human life such reckless driving would have proved unnecessary. Had he woke up in his shack with the knowledge of just how important his job is to his society, just how much his diligence is needed maybe things would have been better.
Imagine if the killer of the taxi driver was to meet the family members of his victim, what possible answer would he give to the child who would ask him simply, ‘why did you kill my father?’ Is this what warrants the death of a man these days? Who kills someone for missing a stop? WHO!? What I do not get is as he weighs it in his little mind does he feel like that punishment is equal to said crime? It baffles and saddens me every time man, every time. A man who would get into your house, steal your belongings and then have the nerve to kill you. It just feels like every time one of this mindless people kills the value of human life diminishes, sooner or later people would kill you for accidentally stepping on him.
a child who had very serious burns could not get any help because some retards did not value his life enough, they did not see anything wrong in degrading women who had given their lives to serving the public. What hurt me most about this news real was the fact that at the end of it, it was mentioned just how un-apologetic these animals had seemed.
Did you know that the killers of the famous singer Lucky Dube at some point during their trial expressed regret at having killed a national icon, saying they had not known who he was? So had he been a random road-user would it have been ok to kill him?
I just feel we just have to go back to realizing just how sacred human life is… this total disregard for human life serves only to darken our future even more. This serves to warn you right now, that time you want to kill your lover remember just how spiritually sacred human life should be… I hope criminals and killers take time to read my blog because I just want these men and women to just stop and think for a minute of the ramifications of their actions, how wrong it is to kill. How wrong it is to kill for virtually nothing.
I read the story of the Colorado shooter with keen interest because I simply want to figure out why he did what he did? Why he feels killing not one but twelve other human beings is right? Is he feeling guilty? Is he happy? Satisfied? The hurt and heart-ache suffered by the family members of his victims, is it not eating at his conscience?

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