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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tawana Moremi is a joke!

Media reports coming in this week report that the former Paramount Chief of the Batawana and current Member of Parliament for Maun-West is missing. He is believed to have stopped attending parliament proceedings since July. The national speaker of parliament has corroborated these reports. Leader of the Botswana Movement for Democracy in parliament has failed to account for his absence, claiming unconvincingly that Tawana is attending to some rather personal matters. Fixing a borehole or fishing in Shakawe, smh. Protocol dictates that Tawana should have reported his absence of which he has not done. Other members of parliament close to the man in question are said to tell stories of his lack of interest in politics these days, he seems pretty detached. He tells people he will attend parliament only when the president gives his State of the Nation address but will then go back to Maun.

Firstly let me start by expressing my anger, disappointment and disgust at Tawana Moremi. A man who appears to not care even one bit about the people who put him into a position of power, one he pursued knowing fully well he would walk straight into parliament. The least he could do is pretend to care. I just feel as if the voters of Maun were used, used by a selfish and self-obsessed individual. Truth be told I was not surprised when the Botswana Democratic Party gave Tawana a hard time when he wanted to enter politics, rejecting him. he was just a loose cannon of epic proportions they had to say No! but disappointingly not a long-time after the ruling party back-tracked and accepted Tawana into their humble abode. He was just a political pawn, used for all the votes he was going to bring to the table. Disappointingly the residents of Maun did exactly as the Botswana Democratic Party expected and voted for their chief in large numbers, making him their representative. This blind loyalty that various tribes across the country have in their chiefs worked for Tawana. It worked for him and countless others before him because our parents and forefathers failed to understand that Chiefs as much as society puts them on a pedestal they are the servants of the people above all else. The masses do not owe them anything. When they give up their titles as chiefs and ride the political wave they are to be treated like every other candidate and Tawana was not the most qualified to be fair, he just carried a pretty influencial name in Maun.

What is more embarrassing was the fact that Tawana Moremi was never even a good Kgosi to begin with; the elders in the village were worried with his lack of interest and wayward behavior. He was an extremely volatile character who picked fights in bars, blacked-out in random places, assaulted photographers and god only knows what else. He was never a leader; he was never a servant of the people. He was a constant embarrassment to the people he claimed to lead. They voted him simply because he was their chief, in the words of one of my crazy cousin, ‘a reka nnela go tlhopha makoba hela Kgosi ya rona ele teng?’. He took advantage of what was supposed to be ‘his people’ to act like a spoit child in the glare of the spotlight. He sat as chief for a while, enjoyed the benefits and generosity of the Batawana before he got ‘bored’ and used them to gain entrance into the political sphere only to be ‘bored’ again.

The man is a joke, and what is most laughable is the fact that ‘his people’ would do it all over again for him. Then make excuses and protect him like they did all those years he made the front pages for all the wrong reasons. 

The minute Batswana learn that their vote gives them power, will we ever as a nation move forward. Electing retards like this man to a public office is dangerous and will come back to haunt the people. We need to use this power to choose people who would put our interests first, people we would be proud of.          

here is a very funny piece i ran into in one of the craziest blogs i have seen, on Tawana. ( i also hear rumours of the DIS looking for the owner of the blog, true or not we cannot be sure)


  1. You are mental! you must have your head examined!

    1. Mokenane ko Kgosing (MAUN)January 13, 2014 at 10:33 PM

      So very true. The psych would be happy to be the host!

  2. Mokenane ko Kgosing (MAUN)January 13, 2014 at 10:31 PM

    Your petite for being a starring disappoints your own self and insults your upbringing. You seem to have a soft heart for gossip and petty "news" as you scavenge for something to write, you tend to accept all garbage like rubbish bin (garbage can). Good luck to you and your cronies as this appears to give you an orgasm!