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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank you Stan, Goodbye Stan

Let me first say I have always liked Stan Tshosane, ever since his days at BDF XI. Back then I was a kid I just liked Nelson Viola Gabolwelwe so I decided to support BDF XI and I had to like Stan. Then I gave up on BDF XI when Stan nearly had us relegated, I was not really a fan (I admit it).

 When I heard he was hired for the Zebras job I laughed so hard, I was among the many Batswana who just thought he was not cut out for taking us in the direction we wanted to go. But against all odds the army man qualified for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations, one of the very first countries to qualify even. Imagine!!!!! I was so surprised, I had not expected him to do what he did. Even as write this and you are at home right now, or the office, or school let us not underestimate what Stanley Tshosane accomplished. He did our football proud, he did his country proud. For that I take this opportunity to say congratulations on that achievement Mr. Tshosane, you deserve a medal of honor in my eyes, albeit i feel you inherited a squad that was already motivated and trained, right place at the right time if you will.

So since he had successfully helped us qualify I had hoped the Botswana Football Association would give him the boot right there and then, I would have. I wanted them to fire him. Most Batswana felt we had to let him go to AFCON since he achieved qualification and I must admit I heard that logic but like I said then poor Stan is one of the most tact-less coaches I know. He has no idea what he is doing half the time man, true story. Even during the qualifiers we won games but it was not due to any technical or tactical advantage over our opponents. I had always thought the desire to win for our ageing legs was what drove the team. Stan was up against the best coaches at AFCON, coaches with experience and training poor Stan only has fantasized about. His ineptitude and in-experience was clearly visible when teams like Ghana and Mali stripped us naked and repeatedly raped us. He would then opt to sit on his subs in a game we had an extra man advantage, the opponent rattled by a red-card and tired. Fuck, even I would have made a better play than Stan.

After he arrived from AFCON the nation was horribly divided, some wanted him to go, he had failed us. I had changed my mind, I had heard of the new qualifying format so I advocated for Stan to stay on, use his ageing charges to qualify for AFCON 2013. There was no use roping in a new coach to try qualifying for AFCON 2013 when Stan had a squad he had been working with for over 3 years, I thought we should give him a chance. The BFA echoed my sentiments and he signed a bumper contract but as it stands we are not qualifying for AFCON 2013, since Mali have a 3-0 lead going into the second leg, 4-0 on our part is just a huge ask. 

Stan’s job is done. We have extended our hand and thanked him for what he did for us, now he has just overstayed his welcome. As Olebile Sikwane says in his Botswana Gazette column, Sport CafĂ©, Stan needs to resign or Sebego should terminate his contract. We need new ideas, we need to build for the future NOW!! Not tomorrow, not next year, NOW!! Stan is not the man for that job, not when he plays players out of reputation rather than current form, not when he fails to give the young-stars a chance. We need to usher in a new generation of footballers that should aim to emulate our ageing charges. The old guns have served us well, they need to be put down, so to speak. I mean there is just so many times we can play guys like Talk Talk Motlhabankwe, Michael Mogaladi, Modiri Marumo. It’s a miracle some of these guys do not pull a muscle just trying to wake up in the morning.

Sebego should do the right thing.

Thank You Stanley, its time to leave now my friend.

'Stan was never the right coach to lead this country, David Fani and his regime only knows how much he paid them to get that job, we may have qualified for afcon 2012 but we know very well that we did not deserve to have gone there, the results showed in the 3 games we played, if we deserved we'd have done well against Mali in qualifiers for SA2013 Afcon finals 1st leg, losing 3 0 to a team we played before and knowing very well that we still have a return game just tells a lot about the coach, and the flimsy excuse of not having certain players as their downfall just doesn't hold water!!' - Shoes Motlhabane.

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