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Thursday, October 18, 2012


The first part of this business can be located here.

Like I have said on many occasions on this here blog, to my friends and to random drunk strangers, I have lived in Maun, I have seen and heard a lot of pretty logic defying shit in my day. I have always taken particular interest in these things because I aim to understand how exactly something happens… a logical explanation of some sort. But sometimes things are just like that, unexplainable. Our country is going through a pretty hectic time of self-professed devil worshippers and illuminati’s. Personally I have always believed these kids watch a lot of television and youtube vids man, im not sure I believe half of this satanic, illuminati business. The following story though is said to be true. All I know is in the past month alone I have heard more than a dozen versions of the story from more than a dozen individuals. I will narrate as best as I can;

So Tshepo* woke up from her afternoon nap to find that it was a little over 7pm, she had overslept. She could not afford to spend the night in Molepolole and knew if she hurried she might get a ride from the last vehicles out of Molepolole. Luckily when she got to the bus stop a car pulled over, carrying three friendly people who offered her a ride to Gaborone. Two men and a middle aged woman. She had agreed to it because they had a woman in the car otherwise she would not have dared ride a car full of strangers, all men. Small talk for a few kilometres was then followed by the usual awkward silence; she puts on her headphones to listen to some music from her phone and gets lost in that wonderful universe as always. A few minutes later a horrible smell pulls her out of her wonderful escape. She looks around and realizes that the horrible smell is coming from the woman sitting next to her and the guy sitting next to the driver. They appear to be eating something she just cannot make out… she narrows the horrible smell to the insides of a cow. A batho ba mme ba ka ja mala a sa gamolwa?  She asks herself perplexed. She wants to ask what they are eating but she does not know how to go about it. Her gut tells her something is wrong, the smell also becomes unbearable. She looks out of the window realizes they are in Metsimotlhabe so she asks if she can go relief herself and they agree. She gets out of the car and runs into the first yard she sees.

The Medupi* family had just finished watching their favorite television program when a frantic knock at the door caught their attention. Mr Medupi opened the door to find a very attractive young girl, looking rather flustered. ‘dumelang rra, ke kopa thuso, nna kana ke kopile lifti mo bathong keba mme ke bona ekare ba ja mala aa sa gamolwang, gago ntsee sentle… gakeitse gore go iragala eng?’’ she said. Mr Medupi allowed her inside, though he just could not make any sense of what she said. Immediately after closing the door another knock followed. Mr Medupi opened the door to find a middle aged woman standing there with a smile on her face. ‘tlherra re pegile motho mme o rile oa go rota mme gare mmone re akanya gore o tsene fa, aa gawa mmona?’’. Mr Medupi answered in the negative, the woman left. As he made his way to the living room area he heard his wife let out a scream, she sounded frightened. The girl had just collapsed.

They rushed her to the nearest hospital.

This is where the story gets too weird… weird. On arrival the girl was pronounced dead. The doctors are still trying to figure out why her intestines were missing.

Just how did these people eat her intestines? How? The story always ends up with a person whose intestines are missing.

If you are a person of the cloth I suggest you pray for us all.

This is just some hectic voodoo man. Hectic.

*obviously the names I used are utterly fake.

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