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Monday, November 12, 2012


This is not a long tedious post on shit you do not really give a crap about. I just thought I would write this little paragraph to convey my disappointment towards my fellow males who carry out rape as a ‘corrective’ measure. Corrective rape is an act of raping a lesbian in a bid to show them what they are missing. (i know L). This heinous act is not that popular in Botswana, albeit it has happened before, but is has been widely reported in countries like South Africa. I mean who on earth in their right mind decides that raping someone would change their sexual orientation? Has rape ever been documented to be enjoyable on any level? Really dude?! What these men simply achieve at the end of the day is cementing what these poor women have always thought about the male population. Neanderthals! People who think forcing themselves on you is ‘enjoyable’. If men are this abusive and ruthless why should they bother giving them a second glance?
 I just do not get it as always. 

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