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Friday, November 30, 2012


I did not know him personally. I did not even know his name until I saw a broadcast about his untimely death. But I was dejected nonetheless. The only times I talked to him was when I told him just how much Manchester United sucked. How much I hated it. Friendly banter for he loved that team the way I love mine, so I know how it feels. He loved the general game of football and was heftily gifted in the regard of match analysis (annoyingly so even). He was into current affairs and politics in a way that puts the ignorant majority of the University scholars to shame. I am writing this because my heart is heavy, parents shouldn’t suffer the indignity of burying their children, and it’s unfair. It’s so sad.

Like one other football fanatic said on my Facebook wall ‘He was one of our own.’ I pray his family finds peace. I pray as he is laid to rest over the weekend he also travels over to the other side peacefully.
He was too young to die. Words his brother said at his memorial service gave me comfort, i admired his courage, >i paraphrase< : i have accepted it, for i do not have the power to alter what has happened, life is a pre-determined set of events, and he had reached his line. 

Farewell Red Devil. We cannot understand why you had to go but surely the man upstairs has a solid plan. PS: (For your sake I have decided to forgive Robin Van Persie for betraying us for the red of Manchester, my tribute to you, very hard to do but I will.)



  1. *teardrops*

    farewell my guy....iot rily hurts hving lost sm1 lyk u...i'l alwys cherish ya @ heart :'(

  2. may his soul rest in peace....

  3. may your soul rest in peace.