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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mcdonald Chillyboy Rakgare: ‘ill Mannered’ Loose Cannon

He left Yarona Fm in a horrid cloud of controversy that involved lawsuits and a quarter of a million pula lost for that said radio station. Simply they just had to let him go hey or atleast i think they did! He was expandable like any other employee. Sports lovers across the country did not cry for too long because he was back in the air-waves just like that at Duma Fm. Delivering to sports fanatics (myself included) with his usual comedic and downright reckless approach. Exactly what we loved about him, I mean that character makes claims and comments that simply shock on a regular basis. He is scathing on all fronts; if he feels something needs to be addressed he simply addresses it, without any fear without any favoritism of any kind. I have always liked him for that I must admit. But we could always tell he was a bit careful with everything he usually said at Duma. He was still reckless yes, but a bit ‘tame’ if I would be allowed to use the word. He clearly did not want another ‘Makgalemele’ stirring trouble.
Chillaeza in his element

But knowing Chillaeza, it was only a matter of time before something came up. A member of the BDP, a party he pledged loyalty to when he extricated (<----been desperate to use this word in a sentence) himself from the BNF when his BNF led SRC at the University of Botswana encountered problems… issues of corruption, fund embezzlement hung in the air, never proven as usual with the band of misfits that is the UB-SRC. He made comments on his Facebook page criticizing his party and its leader, the president of the republic also. He was suspended from the party. He also announced his suspension from his job at Duma Fm.
'The Botswana Government under the tutelage of His Excellency Lt Gen Ian Khama should stop this ''NONSENSE'' of saying there is no money and increase salaries for the public servants. This thing of saying ga gona madi must come to an end. The cost of living is just too high, diapara tsa bana dia tura, fuel has gone up, food,accomodation etc. They cant keep on lying to us ba re ga gona madi batho ba
 sa amogele sepe. Batho ba modimo even went down to 3% on condition that the increase is backdated to April this year. What people know most is to appoint their brothers to ministerial positions batho ba sokola. It hurts!

What hurts most is that the BDP MPs, Councillors, party structures like regions and branches who are supposed calling the President and his cabinet to account have not said anything mme they bludy claim gore ba rata lehatshe.. 

Ha e le BDP Youth Wing yone is nothing but a curse youg people of this country..''The committee is dressed in a silly attire'' Malopenyana a teng one a batla favours from party elders hela nothing else.This in ''ABSOLUTE RUBBISH''!'    - Chillyboy Rakgare.
The way Chilliboy might have went about criticizing might have been deemed unsavory by some quarters yes! I understand why the Botswana Democratic Party suspended him because it is what they do these days. They gag you and make you powerless; criticizing the party and its leaders on a public forum is to be punished by all means. That’s the impression we get as bystanders. I mean who is Chillyboy to escape the wrath of the BDP top brass when big nukes like Pono Moatlhodi had to run back tail between their legs so to speak, apologizing? What about Gomolemo Motswaledi’s isolation and eventual exile? Kwelagobe? The list is endless. Chillyboy knew he was going to incur the wrath of the top brass.

I listened to Chilliboy’s interview on Gabz Fm this morning (12/11/2012) and I had to agree with him, he made pretty convincing arguments. He feels members of the ruling party tiptoe around Ian Khama, a bunch of yes men! They fail to question and challenge him; they just treat him like a ‘god’. Personally as a person I want to respect my president, I should. In order to come to that I have to believe I can be allowed to question and challenge him. He should be able to understand that he is a human being, he makes mistakes. People should take him to task and he should be able to explain himself. What Chillyboy said about his fellow BDP youth is also in part very true; they are busy with their colorful shirts walking around like future tenderpreneurs. Lunatics who think aligning themselves with the ruling party will set them for life. They have been given the wrong impression by their predecessors; they fail to understand politics should be about serving the mandate of the electorate ahead of anything else. Another issue he raised was the fact that in his capacity as the president of Botswana His Excellency Ian Khama Seretse Khama elected his brother to a ministerial position. This is legally correct mind you. We have never before questioned a ministerial position, but today we have to be allowed to be hypocritical and question this one because it is his brother!! For a man who has confessed himself to be all zero tolerance towards issues of corruption and the like he is sending the wrong message towards the public, at a time nepotism is rife in parastatals and government departments, he is just saying it is alright to do that. 
The Khama's.

I am just saying, it might seem like he is making a lot of noise but he makes plenty of sense to be ignored. I mean should the government have not solved the salary negotiation stand-off by now? Whilst almost everything in this country is shooting up, household income is shrinking. If being in a party means you have to turn a blind eye to issues like this one then I do not want to be in one.

What bothers me is that he was also suspended at his job!? Which to me is ridiculous, he never went to radio and made those comments on behalf of the station. He made them on his Facebook page; they in no way seem to bring the radio station’s name into disrepute. He went onto a colleague’s show as a ‘guest’ to address what he said on his Facebook page, does that mean he has to be suspended? He says he has heard rumours that bigwigs in the party lines have been bragging at freedom squares saying how they got him suspended, just sad. Even our so called ‘private’ media is not independent of these illuminati! :-D .

To me Chillyboy did nothing wrong, he just spoke freely about how he felt and for that he should be commended not persecuted. We need more people who can come to various public platforms to question decisions that seem shady. If most of the youth would manage to swim across the ocean of intense ignorance impregnating us and start being actively involved in issues that involve them we would move forward as a people. You rocked monna Macdonald.

Let me also just say: Making all this racket is a good idea because if you ‘disappear’ or ‘turn up dead’ we would know where to look for answers, since you have said you fear for your life. But I doubt that will happen to you. We are after all a democracy, not fucking Uganda in the Idi Amin days.   

Tweets and Facebook comments i liked on the subject:

 @SibsMacd: I'm asking for Chillyboy's twitter handle, wanna ask for pro-tips how to grab President Khama's attention....! cc @Julius_S_Malema    

@SibsMacd When I Grow Up, Wanna Be Chillyboy; President Can Go Around Telling People That I Don't 'v Manners in Kgotla Meetings LOL!

@DJBoogiesid I mean the President is always talking Sunday soccer, backyard gardens,alcohol levy,Chillyboy's lack of manners! when's he gon talk real?

@sesutho E re Chillyboy a ntse a praisa Duma Boko jaaka a seka a ya BNF... Ahh BNF yone e a hemisa str8..

@TladiMeyer I still remember the day I tweeted,"Julius Malema and Chillyboy have something in common.."

@Celousrach_ I just finished reading Chillyboy's Interview with The Voice Newspaper nd am impressed, dat man knows his stuff . . . We need such leaders

@TladiMeyer Chillyboy ke moipolai yo o sa llelweng,I advice him to always read the ethics tsa institution b4 a signa a contract!!

@Celousrach_ So Chillyboy Chillaezer Rakgare is suspend from both  #DumaFm and BDP , personally i feel he is gonna join da Umbrella Party watch da space

@sesutho Koore Chillyboy have already being suspended even from work.. Soon he wil really that being an activist doesn't pay the bills 

@Ikizzy_Born I don't know if Chillyboy likes attention or he's just exercising his freedom of speech right.

@thapeloindlovu I can understand BDP suspending Chillyboy but how does Duma FM fit in? Someone please solve the equation for me

Big up my boy Chillieza I support u 100% as a youth.O bua nnete ee sa nwelweng pheko. - Tratas Helman Thatego

ChillyBoy o tla ipolaisa ma D.I.S ka go simolola a re he's got sufficient evidence that thr has been some corruption that took place within the admin of Duma-fm, the rulling party and its youth league..
We dnt got that freedom and democracy as much as we did before..
I hope he keeping safe wherever he is..

Chillyboy Rakgare re lela le wena. BDP member or not you have your own mind and so you should speak it. Sa rona ke go lebelela ra iphutha metlhala eseng go go omanya. Speaking against anybody doesnt mean gao ba rata kgotsa gao mongwe wa bone. Thats why gona le bulela ditswe, same party men fight it out and ko phelelong shake hands mme ba sa tswa go discreditana. Hopefully Mr Rakgare shall be seen as couragious and worthy leader, one who can bring change which we so desperately need. Good luck for the future

Chillyboy Tumiso Malema
Let's leave them mate, who're we to question their authority, Batswana magatlapa and can't stand for good things guess their enjoying how the system works...

 Mr Chillyboy Rakgare, I just read your recent two posts where they implicated His Excellency the President. One about Sports and the other about Civil Servants salaries. I just wonder if its you or your account has been hacked. I sincerely am unable to comprehend the words and speech used therein.

@PhineasVinte ChillyBoy let his 2pence worth of awards get to his baby head, thats how he grew a big mouth that got him suspended #TheWayISeeIt

@Wanetsha If Chillyboy was suspended for what he said on that interview & Facebook then its safe to say our private media is not independent