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Friday, November 30, 2012


For those who might not know by now, Tshephang Motlhabane was a seventeen year old that lost her life after being senselessly attacked by the marijuana smoking retard Thabo Masilo also known as Lepantsula Lekanyora Lekhantsula (seriously, as if its not bad enough he robs, rapes and kills he has to have the most horrible nickname too.). In a month we are running a campaign to condemn the abuse and mistreatment of the girl child I just wanted to write this small paragraph to wish poor unfortunate Tshepang a safe journey into the next world. We have spent a great deal of time talking about this Lekanyora character and how evil he was we totally forgot the person he killed had a name, a family and friends.

The whole country cried over your death. Mainly because we failed to understand how one individual could be so ruthless, so inhumane. I personally have been hurt by the fact that I learned you were like me at that age, an orphan, since the age of three. As if it is not hard enough living life without your real parents you also had to die, what a tragedy. Calling it all unfair would a criminal understatement. A lot of things you can never be able to experience, sadly, maybe you had not even had your first kiss, never been in-love, visited all the places you wanted to see, see your children go to school. You will not be able to experience making drunken mistakes in college, falling out of love, heartbreak. Obviously this Lekanyora would be hanged, but that would not bring you back, your poor adoptive parents have lost a daughter, some poor woman would also lose a son in the process, a murderer he might have been but her child. I wish I could give you a hug now, how can life be so twisted!? I ask myself that question and I still do not get an answer. My hope is that your death inspires men out there to act as true role models to the young ones, let them know the value of protecting our women.

I just wish you truly rest in peace. Your soul freed from the hurt of your last hours on earth. Surely where you are now should be a better place.



  1. i hope he gets hanged..