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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


15th January 2013, the Botswana Examination Council through various media outlets let the whole nation know (after a horrible delay might I add) that the Junior Certificate results were out. By mid-afternoon the social network scene was ablaze with anger, sadness and downright shock. Our hope, our future, our children had desperately disappointed us in proportions unheard of before. The Botswana Education Council had the nerve to inform us that out of the whole 38 385 students who sat for their examinations a mere 5 students managed a Merit (straight A result). IMAGINE!!! A mere 5 students, 4996 students disgustingly grabbed themselves a U (ungraded). Those who managed a grade C or better overall were a little over 40%. To put things into perspective, the 2011 crop of students who obtained a C or better was 74.7%. Grade A – 590 students, Grade B – 4722, Grade C – 10320, Grade D – 13031 and 4724 settled for Grade E.
We as always took to social networks to voice our ‘concern’. Making silly jokes, having a field day, truth of the matter is we masked our hurt with this dry humor and sarcasm. Something is horribly wrong with the system and if its not solved we are for lack of a better word FUCKED. I will tell you what I think is the reason for these appalling results; I will try to offer solutions if I could but I do not think that is my strongest point. I criticize and stand hands crossed next to the problem. I am horrible I know. Sue me.

#WhyForm3sFailed Reason #1
Government Prioritizes. Teachers feel unappreciated, and are unmotivated.   
The government has more important things to deal with it seems. Education has fallen off in the list of priorities its embarrassing. The government is at the moment busy eradicating back breaking poverty by giving out various handouts that will not really sustain the poor man in the next 3, 4 or 5 years. This failure rate works right into the government’s plans to eradicate poverty. Most of these students will push the government’s Back to School program so it comes across as having some kind of use in society, celebrating failure. The remainder of these students (Preferably from the little inaccessible villages) will be the champions of ridiculous programs like Ipelegeng, a program the government has designed to trap the poor in a circle of laziness and sire-bonds like relationships for these impoverished people feel eternally grateful for such handouts, like its all life has to offer. Yes. The government is busy fighting the scourge that is alcohol abuse to bother coming up with mechanisms that would motivate the Teacher and make her/him feel appreciated. Make him/her see his importance in the modern day society, make The teacher see his role as a cog in the machine that is constantly moving creating world class citizens. Our teachers are at their lowest points right now and The Government is hands down to blame for estranging The Teacher and making him an ineffective aspect of the education system. The way the grievances of The Teacher have been handled has been utterly poor. Poor. How then do we expect our children to be educated when our educators are in a terrible funk? How? They should take the alcohol levy money and pay our teachers since they lied and said they rehabilitate the drunks. The government throws billions of Pulas to education with no foolproof plan to make sure the money is effectively utilized. During times of elections let us call our leaders to the table and question them on such blunders. Lets start to hold them accountable. They will learn. They should learn.

#WhyForm3sFailed Reason #2
Social Networks
Where do I start? Where do I end? Dear God we are in trouble. These children are all over facebook like white girls on black NBA players. I mean it would be hard to find a student who is not active on Facebook at the moment. Rather than study our children were busy asking us to ‘LMS’ or ‘Chart’ or ‘inbox I am bored’, then came the ‘Hide my ID’ groups that these kids would go to spite each other and their sugar daddies with wrinkled and hairy scrotums. All this was put into overdrive by the availability of 0.facebook, meaning they access Facebook as freely as they can. They spend copious amounts of valuable time in these groups, and chats, seeking attention. Then came Whatsapp. Smh. Free as it can be, they chat away and forget their books need their attention, meet up with random strangers from these sites and whilst on their knees swallow babies. During our times owning a cellphone at that age was a privilege only a few could manage. Even if you had it, That shit meant nothing, none of your friends had a phone, and the only thing you could do with it was play Snake. The minute they start spending less time on their facebooks, twitters and Whatsapp is the time we will start having 5 Merits in one school, not the whole country.

#WhyForm3sFailed Reason #3
Social Life > Academic Excellence
The modern day student is concerned with What they wear? Who they hang out with? Which party they went to? Which car they get out of? Who they sleep with? This is what our children think is being ‘cool’. Underage drinking is rife, sweaty big bellied men please these little girls with alcohol and expensive gifts. They would in turn mate with these hot blooded maidens, cleanse themselves as it may be. Feel young again at the expense of someone’s daughter. How are we surprised our children are failing when we have sold them a false dream? The life of a go getter, spending weekends partying with friends and having orgies with randoms. To look cool among their friends they have to dress a certain way, engage in social habits that just slow their academic growth. Its more important to know who slept with who over the weekend than doing the Math assignment. These days a child will look you to your face and say proudly ‘I do not need school to make it.’. They will then proceed to give ludicrous examples like Tyra banks, Michael Jordan, Lil Wayne, Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, the list is endless. They forget that a majority of the people they mention had massive talents. Talents that needed to be nurtured. Whilst you are busy out there drinking away your liver impressing your age mates your talents wastes away. Our country does not have sufficient resources to nurture those talents, whilst I am not advising them to settle I feel a stable 9-5 job is better than a broken dream. People who made it without a shred of education are people who realized they were good at something and invested time and money in it. What talents do you have? Sit down! sleeping with more than 10 tight virgins is no talent. Having a 5000 friends on facebook is no talent. Partying is no talent either. Kick a ball, read a book, write one, break a code, now that’s talent. And no, sextapes will not help here you out here either.

#WhyForm3sFailed Reason #4
Ghost Parenting        
Parents of today are as crazy as their children man, busy out there in clubs with their young ones, dating even younger boys and girls than their kids. The little time they find from all the work stuff and extra curriculars they spend watching television, or on their iPads, Laptops, Blackberrys, watching porn etc. They have no idea who their children hang out with, they have no idea who the parents of these kids are? To compensate for their absence they buy them expensive gadgets that facilitate this madness. Parents do not bother to keep up with the progress of their children, they have no idea what teachers are feeding their children, they shun PTA meetings, being pretty ‘busy’ and all. These are parents who are present and absent all at the same time. These kids are orphaned yet their parents are still alive. Children just have no guidance whatsoever anymore. Parents need to keep track of their children’s progress, keep in contact with teachers and appropriately discipline an ill-mannered child. During our time it meant a good old ass frolicking, o betswa tota gore o ithotele. These days they send them on time outs. Or banish them to their rooms, which have Televisions, video games, computers. Is he/she being punished when he is allowed to ‘chart’ on facebook, play video games, watch more porn? Grounding a child. What a joke. Patamisa mosimane a utlwe lebante re bone gore a o tswela dinza mo bagolong kapa jang? Let him/her have that phone. But monitor the time he/she spends on it, who they talk to, even the subject matter, at 14 they have no real rights, they live under your roof they follow your rules. Stop being ‘friends’ with your children, they want parents, not peers, they have enough of those.   

 i think what is important at this juncture is letting this kids know that albeit they really messed up it is not the end of the world. a lot of people have come back from worse situations and came out winners! Important thing is to let them know that moving out of this colossal fuck-up would need a lot of sacrifices, like getting rid of some of your friends, learning the true value of working hard, be it studying or any other path chosen, passion and commitment are also mandatory.   

Tweets and Facebook Statuses that made my day. Funny and sad all at the same time.

the results as just came out are a serious indictment of our leadership as parents, teachers and the government! The piling up of dropouts is a nation investing in disaster so epic it will backfire so hard we will regret we were born here! We have to do something not beetroots at the back of the house! Let's up our game like Cape Verde not Zebras

The form 3 results are out, and they're not as impressive as we would have wanted. Although we could spend a year playing the blame game, it is time to look forward. Its Edmund Burke who said, "In history, a great volume is unrolled for our instruction, drawing the materials of future wisdom from the past errors and infirmities of mankind."

The 2012 JC Results are an embarassment to the nation! Should Batswana continue to trust the BDP government under President Khama with their lives even when its clear the BDP is failing in everything, Education, Health Sector, Service Delivery, No Jobs, High food prices, Corruption! SHOULD THE BDP STILL BE VOTED IN 2014?

the new marking system mixed up the kids results, and also, these kids are naughty,they drink ,they smoke, they are always on Facebook..and ba tshwanetse go simolola go betswa mo go tlwaafetseng otherwise next year there is only gonna be 1 'A' and a bunch of 'U's.

i watchd maloba ha di result tsa matric tsa SA di sena gotswa the Minister led the public in talking about the results indicating where they went wrong from there the debate went out to the province to deliberate on them why s it nt happening in ths country coz thats would make everyone accountable no one frm the ministry has made a comment WHY?

we shudnt kip on blamin thez kids,cz th damag is already done.as parents,teachers n th nation as a whole,we shud fynd a way fowad,cz thz z nt al abt em(studentz),bt abt th future f our country

The results started going down hill after abolishing corporal punishment in schools. There's no way teachers can discipline students. During my school days i worked hard in my studies knowing that if i fail all the subject im goin to be beaten. And be beaten by 9 or more different teachers. Each one for his/her paper. So if the government can bring back corporal punishment in school, i bet the results will change. A teacher cannot beat a student while that same student knows he is not supposed to be beaten. And also while the parent knows that his child is not to be beaten. So they will continue to neglect school work and display bad behavior knowing gore ba ya go kgalemelwa ke molomo. Re ne re itewa re pasa ga re ise re swe, gompieno ba ba sa iteweng bona gore ba dira eng.
Its a pity these kids had to be variables of of the complex equation, I blame both the stubborn and selfish teachers. These students deserve to be given second chance.

Its time the education system of the country is reviewed as well as the syllabus that changes time and again not considering how much is affecting students! It hurts coz madi for invigilation and marking exams for teachers a okeditswe but the results tsa bana are going down. Double shift le yone has to be looked into! A research could also help in identifying the cause of these apolling results and the status of the teachers!

This is the group that pioneered the new syllabus from std 5. They completed std 5 without textbooks until the intervention of the then VP Ian Khama, in std 6 books came in term 2, in std 7 books came 3rd term, this misfortune of late procurement continued until form 3 where books started arriving in schools when they have started exams. Combine this with the strike and the current teachers low morale and tell me wats surprising you!

Le ojwa le sale metsi so parents,teachers n other stakeholders lets join hands re berekele mo go ruteng bana ba sale bannye ka botlhokwa jwa thuto lets not wait for results n start finger pointin after all ga ba nna matlakala go a re ama rotlhe 1 way or another(ngwanake ga e nna legodu o utswetsa wena so le wena o a go ama ga a feitse),bana reetsan dikgakololo tsa batsadi le barutabana ka motswana o rile oo sa obamelen wa batsadi o tla obamela wa manong gape bokamoso ke ba gago ipotse gore o tla raya ba gago bana o ba raya o reng kamoso a ga wafiwa tshono e lekanan le ya ba bangwe ya go ithuta?

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Inbox me a number ill rate you out of 10 and Zodwa wa Generations, Zodwa dis , Zodwa dat #WhyForm3sFailed

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Teachers pokes students on facebook..#WhyForm3sFailed

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I don't blame the education system……parents should instill discipline on their offsprings #WhyForm3sFailed

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  1. for those blamming the abolishing of corporal punishment, pliz stop coz there are many factors that contributed to this...& alread mentioned on es well done report!!!