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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Talking to a classmate recently, about just general stuff, ambition, unemployment, corruption we hit a topic I felt I had to share because I have felt a bit passionate about it for a young while.

Botswana as developing country needs more and more skilled and experienced in various industries in the corporate world, to drive our private sector to highs we know it could be elevated to. Yet you find the disparity that exists between seasoned professionals and fresh graduates is quite massive.
I feel we need to as a nation realize the importance of mentorship in the corporate world, and no! I do not mean that graduate internship program thing they have us flock to only to spend days filing papers and running errands for those old women and men who do not want to retire.  We graduate from universities and colleges and struggle to find our way in this giant unfriendly machine, ending up unfulfilled in dead end jobs mainly because we just lacked direction; a simple ‘go this way’ or ‘do it like this’.

I call upon corporate Botswana to find it upon themselves to take more and more of these young graduates and groom them; show them a little direction, motivate them and build character.
Its just that these poor souls step out of university, no experience, no idea what exactly what route to take to reach the place he needs to get. This is a scenario rife upon our fresh graduates. If such a young adult could be guided by a seasoned professional in the industry, giving advice on which professional course one ought to do, how to tackle real life work situations etc, imagine the number of respectable professionals our country would boast of, too many to even count.

Most of the qualified, skilled and experienced individuals go through the corporate world, retire then die with all that knowledge that could have benefited a young upstart, hungrier. It is no mistake that persons like Richard Branson have been successful, they had mentors to look up to from a young age, he now devotes a major part of his billionaire to young entrepreneurs who need it, why is it hard for our professionals to do the same? 

I for one would have desperately used a person in the industry I feel I want to break into, giving direction and motivation, someone to look up to, aspire to be, real life, but alas there is none, they just do not have time to waste on people they hardly know, yet they went through the same processes, I feel they should try make it better for the upcoming young ones. I know I would. Selfish. Selfish. Share that knowledge.  

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