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Friday, March 1, 2013


Ever since going on a Twitter and Facebook break I have found myself continuously stifled, devoid of platforms to rant and be foulmouthed as I would like. Then I remembered I have a blog. :D . My useless blog. I will henceforth use it to rant and rant and rant. I can even share posts on twitter and facebook remotely. But between me and you I miss Twitter man, (insert tortured sigh here). Dear Lord I miss it! But I have to live through the pain, I made a vow and it will be obeyed. With that being said, the matter at hand;

On Tuesday I with the rest of the footballing mad global population watched one of the biggest rivalries in world sport as Barcelona took on Real Madrid at home, dubbed famously as El Clasico, excited like a little boy I was. Barca had took a valuable away goal when the two had met in the first round of the semi-final tie of the Copa. This made it all appealing, we wondered if faltering Madrid would win it or would it be a loss signaling the end of Mourinho’s reign? Would it be the beginning of an implosion that would be concluded by Manure United at Old Trashford the following week? I did enjoy the match, Real Madrid watched Barcelona pass the ball boringly around and scored three goals much to the dismay of the Camp Nou faithful. Barcelona looked unthreatening, uninspired and just downright tired, it was like they were saying 'God! Dominating El Clasicos has become so lame'. I loved that Ronaldo scored a brace, and boy does he love scoring against Barca these days!! Hitting the net six times in his last Camp Nou visits.

In all this footballing feast something just irked me. It rubbed me the wrong way. Made my blood boil. Two of the world’s best teams ‘supposedly’ and most of the players see it fit to turn the sport we love into a ballet dance, a joke. You would not have been wrong in thinking the Camp Nou had been transformed into a world class swimming pool, the diving going on was first grade Ryan Lochte stuff, intense. Players like Pedro just desperate to go to the ground, Jordi Alba, as can be seen here. How does Di Maria explain going to the ground clutching his face when there was no contact with his face? How? I mean really boy, just forget it, the Oscars have already been handed out, Daniel Day Lewis took home the one for best actor, just stop competing for it. Even ‘hard-men’ like Ramos and Pepe have continually embarrassed themselves infront of millions of fans who watch El Clasico year in year out. Do these defenders remember seeing guys like Cannavaro rolling on the ground like some punk!? Maldini? Tony Adams? Three El Clasicos now in a row I have just been bothered by this ludicrousness. Making such a spectacle into a giant pillow fight, all they need now are pink pyjamas.

There used to be a time when player really knew what it meant to be involved in such a derby. The likes of Luis Figo, Zizou, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho (one of the very few Barcelona players to get a standing ovation at the Bernabeau) , Deco, Eto’o, Raul, Koeman, Guardiola, Rivaldo etc the list goes on back to the days of Di Stefano, Puskas and Johan Cryuff who knew it was about showing passion, commitment, outplaying the opponent using skill, precision and pure brilliance, not trying to get the opposite member a red-card.

Football fans have always come to people like me and told me I like ‘glorifying’ the English game unnecessarily but you never see players spending more time going to the ground than on the floor of the pitch. Even if players dive like your Suarez’es and Ashley Young's the public and the media would castigate them, so much that their managers would come out and apologise on their behalf or defend them.

El Clasico is beautiful. I have loved it for a while now, hardly miss it, but these pansies are just ruining it for us now. STAY ON YOUR FEET!!! Take a tackle like a man!! Has all the money these guys get totally made them forget they are ‘athletes’?!