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Friday, March 1, 2013

Police Brutality Caught On Tape

The above video footage shows 27 year old Mozambican Taxi driver Mido Macia, busy in a confrontation with the South African Police, he then seems to be resisting arrest, of which they strap him to the back of the vehicle and drag him across the street. They claim he assaulted a police officer and took his gun, nowhere in the available footage does it show Mido taking anyone's weapon. He was later found dead in a police cell
It is however clear just how retarded people can be. In the age of smartphones and what have you how did these police officers think they could get away with such an atrocity?. Had he assaulted a police officer as stated does it mean it was okay to defile his rights?
At a time the South African Police Service is in desperate need to clean its image this is a scandal they could have done without. The people charged with protecting the public cannot be seen to be the ones killing them. Apartheid era style even.
These men cannot get of lightly.
This is tantamount to murder!! 

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