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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Ø  The illuminati and Barcelona football club are to blame for that Nani red-card. I do not know how or why as of yet but they are my front runners.

Ø  Ferguson and Manchester United do not have the power they have with the FA when it comes to UEFA. Had that foul taken place in a FA official game we all know that referee would not have dared make such a call, legitimate or not, especially at old Trafford, I mean go back a few weeks back when West Ham was robbed blind in an FA cup game just because a referee was scared to make a call at Old Trafford. The UEFA referees serve a bigger power than Manchester United; ask Drogba, he will tell you about that ‘Disgrace’. Robin Van Persie knows this all too well, getting a ridiculous red-card at the Camp Nou when he was still a GOONER!

Ø  Howard Webb was reportedly devastated. If only he was the referee.

Ø  It was not a red-card. A foul yes. Yellow-card? Maybe. Not a red card. To claim it had no bearing on the result of the game would be just stupid. With that being said; NOW YOU KNOW HOW THE REST OF THE TEAMS IN YOUR DOMESTIC LEAGUE FEEL MANCS!!!!

Ø  Probably Manchester United’s biggest game of the season and you are benched!! Wayne Rooney my hooligan looking friend you are the midweek’s biggest LOSER! I just do not care what Fergie’s reasons were man; he was bang out of order! Leaving Wayne Rooney out of such a game! What a tool!!! How many times must Wayne Rooney sacrifice himself everytime Ferguson feels the need to buy a big profile player? How many times? Taking a back seat to Ronaldo was sad, then there was that Berbatov season, now he has to play second fiddle to Van Persie, there is only so much a man could (or should) take.

Ø  Luka Modric was my man of the match for that last el clasico, played like a man possessed, with so much heart and determination. To sit there and even claim you did not see how he influenced the game last night when he came on would be just retarded. Given that Manchester United had almost no time on the ball even in their good spell, bringing on Modric, a ball caresser, when the opponent is one man short was inspired. Alonso, Ozil and Modric just ran circles around Manchester United thereafter; it was only a matter of time before they scored.

Ø  Mourinho looked rather embarrassed, I think it was more because he believes UEFA is always out to get him, how then can they help him so? What are they playing at? He went on to say in the post-match conference that he felt 11 vs 11 they could not have won that game, the sad truth.

Ø  He might be old, slow but I would give everything to have a defender like Rio Ferdinand in my team, as much as I hate him I have to give it to him, credit.

Ø  As much as Manchester United’s defense was solid and in an unforgiving mood, Real Madrid’s attack was just sad, sad. Besides Cristiano Ronaldo they just do not have a goal threat, Higuain seems to have given up on football altogether, Benzema is just oversexed, he needs to rest. I say fuck rivalries! Madrid should get that Falcao the coming transfer window. No Jokes.

Ø  I was almost happy when the red-card was shown to Nani just so we can get a break from Martin Tyler and co-commentator’s biased commentary. The way they had masturbated over Manchester United and Alex Ferguson was infuriating!!! Disgusting!!!

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