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Sunday, September 15, 2013


From previous posts readers of my blog would know this is a topic that excites me a lot. I have previously written about blood-sucking teens and lunatics who eat people’s intestines.
The story today is shocking and gruesome, almost funny if it was not so mind boggling. Maun Senior Secondary School, which has had its fair share of troubles over the years has come into the headlines again! Bad timing for the Ministry of Educations and Skills Development just after having to contain situations in other secondary schools, Moeding and Ledumang. 

Students got the shock of their lives when they came to class on said day, parts of a dead dog were left in classrooms, on the teacher’s desk,  messages written in what is believed to be the dead dog’s blood in two classrooms. The message apparently said they were going to kill five girls from Maun Senior Secondary School they proceeded to say they are going to ‘lick her (teacher’s) pussy’ (I know right!?) and cut off her head. The police believe the dog was slaughtered on the scene. Understandably ten students from that class absconded from class the following day. 
Pic courtesy of The Voice FB page 
Then after all this caused a scare the culprit struck again pinning a dead snake on a notice board with a note which warned about not being taken seriously, saying more was to come and apparently concluded this warning with the words ‘Fuck God’.

According to GabzFm the Ministry of Education Skills and Development believe this to be the acts of students keen on disrupting the preparations of the final examinations just like last year when eight classrooms were set on fire.

As expected Satanists have been blamed for this act by the majority of the population, I find this hard to believe, I do not want to believe it. Needless to say you have to give it to these motherfuckers for originality and an overactive imagination. I can only imagine having to tackle down a dog, and killing it, I mean SERIOUSLY!!?? Who thought up this idea? Satanists do not kill people, for nothing atleast, they are obsessed more with control and possession. Threatening to kill five girls is just something Ted Bundy would have done, so these guys should have claimed to be serial killers, we would have believed them. They lost the plot at ‘licking’ the teacher’s vagina, this just goes to prove they are a bunch of under-sexed adolescents, again why would someone intent on forwarding Lucifer’s mandate be hung up on cunnilingus? Realize that the culprit brought god into all of this as soon as people started talking about Satanism. His statement talking about ‘fuck god’ was a ploy to spread fear. In all of this I do not think they realize just how serious a threat to kill a person is, the ramifications if they get caught. The theory that they might be former students might also be true, it’s a real possibility. I am just overly disappointed in a Ministry of Education official who upon briefing the media blatantly said this might be ‘satanism’. How does he expect the students to behave upon coming upon such information? It will surely spread mass hysteria he should have known better.

 One thing is clear though; there are some pretty disturbed souls out there. Truly disturbed!    


  1. Hehehe! This kids smoke too much weed..this has nothing to do with satanism..its just a bunch of kids seeking attention in all the wrong ways

    1. Proper Proper! Mme ditlhare tse ba di gogang di bogale mogo maswe!

  2. Thank you!
    I always see these stories and think that it sounds like teenagers with over active imaginations and a penchant to go too far with their stunts. It worries me that we are quick to label it as satanism, instead of trying to really understand why these children would go to such extremes. Calling it satanism just seems to pass the buck and not tackle any real issues.